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Meeting Minutes

Call to order: Welcome and introduction by John Rapp, Co-Founder.

Business: Verify a quorum is present in order to conduct business; John Rapp Co-Founder, Brandon Wamsley – Co-Founder, L.J. Ashcraft – Co-Founder, Greg Harper Co-Founder, Beth Rapp – Co-Founder.

The first business is the reading and approval of the minutes. Minutes are posted on the website for all members to review. Are there any corrections to the minutes? No. / Approved as is by unanimous vote.


John Rapp: Overall Activities and Accomplishments: John called the meeting to order at 2:00pm. John talked about the plan to move forward with the development of the West Virginia Kayak Anglers and gave the Co-Founders briefing on website and social media development. He requested the help of the Co-Founders regarding input and once active, disbursement of information to the West Virginia Kayak Angling communities .

Greg Harper: Greg spoke about Executive board meeting and timelines. Established that meetings during the off season should be quarterly. All Board members agreed. WVKA Constitution updated to reflect same. Conversation with all co-founder took place regarding tournaments schedule, online events, AOY calculations and sponsorship. Etc.

Greg also brought the possibility of a membership give away at a designated number of likes on facebook once our page goes active. Everyone agreed.

Beth Rapp - Accountant Bank Account Zero (0.00) Balance. Checking account to be established. Checking account will be a two (2) party account. When we get the account established, we will set up a paypal account so we can take money online and publish it on the website.



$50.00 Individual

$50.00 Team (per individual)


Four (4) Live Kayak Fishing Tournaments (Team & Individual)

Five (5) Online Kayak Fishing Tournament

John Rapp Tournament Permits: Since the last business meeting we have not yet drafted letters to the DNR for permit for the live events. Permit emails will be prepared and forwarded by John Rapp in the near future.

Brandon Wamsley discussed Additional Board Members... Discussed candidates... and to make contact and see if interested.

Brandon Wamsley discussed adding a multi-species tournament event. Agreed by All in attendance.

Greg Harper: Indicated a desire to set up a WVKA Booth at the Summersville Woods and Water Convention... All Agreed... Greg is going to research.

Unfinished Business: Once we go live, we will need to get volunteers. New Business: Continued development of the online presence and making contact with potential members and sponsors Announcements: Next Meeting was not set. All members are meeting on January 2, 2017 to fish :) Follow conversation will take place while slinging some line.

Adjournment: adjourned at 3:25 pm. Move and seconded and ayes unanimous.


452 Old Gauley Rd Mount Nebo, WV 26679



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